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Join Our Team

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Are you someone who wants to have fun connecting with kids in a positive environment? Are you considering working in the education, non-profit, or social impact sector and want to know what it's like? Are you looking for a fast-moving startup environment where you can help design core aspects of a growing organization? If any of those sound appealing to you,  we'd love for you to apply to join our team!

Be a Teacher!

Teachers have the opportunity to make remote learning fun for kids ages 4-14 by teaching debate-based games. Whether you have experience working with children or you're looking forward to working with them for the first time, if you enjoy helping kids think, listen, and speak better while having fun, this job is for you. 



Be an Intern!

Interns have the opportunity to gain substantive work experience by working on one of our four teams: Program Development and Teaching Quality; Staff Recruitment, Hiring, and HR; Administration and Logistics; or Marking and Family Engagement. Roles are flexible and collaboration between teams is expected. Internships are a part of the University of Chicago's Jeff Metcalf Program.

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