Meet our amazing employees-we are so lucky to have them and we couldn't do it without them!

Symone Bridges

Symone Bridges is a South Side Native of Chicago. At 27, she has accomplished many achievements that range from Education and The Arts. Symone has obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Music at Chicago State University, and is currently earning her Master's Degree in Educational Leadership & Administration with a focus in Higher Education at Chicago State University as well. Over the past 7 years, she has as an instructor within the Educational Field. among other areas such as Vocal Coaching & Academic Tutoring. Symone has also served in various teaching positions and has traveled to places like Accra, Ghana to teach subjects such as music theory and songwriting to students. Symone is also an singer/songwriter & Background Vocalist, and has traveled to countries such as Norway. Italy, and Spain to sing behind different Gospel Artists/Group(s). Symone has received numerous awards over the last several years, and on last year, she  honored as one of the top 100 Black Women of Chicago for her contributions in the community and in the educational field from Endure Charities. Finally, she serves in Ministry as a Licensed Minister and Minister of Music at her local church home. With determination, hard work, and creativity, Symone seeks to break barriers and bring value to whatever she puts her mind to doing. 

Luke Garfield

Born in southwest Missouri, Luke Garfield has moved all over the country from Wyoming to Louisiana, to his current residence in Logan Square, Chicago. Luke graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2016 with a double major in Writing and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. His passion for equality led to organizing the first ever campus-wide protest advocating for LGBT+ rights at his Title IV exempt campus, and to founding an underground support group for queer students. Following graduation, he shipped off to Comoros, Africa to teach for the Peace Corps. During his two years in the village of Sima-Itsandra, Luke taught English at a middle school, set up adult-learning classes for his community, restored a library, and helped fundraise for a media center project that resulted in ten computers and a year of free wifi access for his village. Now, Luke spends his time writing about his experiences and taking obnoxiously long walks. His main motivation in life is beauty, whether that be seeking it out, or providing it in all he does. 

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