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Debate it Forward

We're Back In-Person for Summer 2021!

Want to give your kiddo something unique,,

educational, and fun for this summer? Join us at DiF In-Person Camp! 

DiF Summer Camp is a great way for your child to get a ton of fresh air, debate engaging topics, and meet with interesting people from all walks of life. We merge play-based learning with experiential learning, and give ample time for creative downtime.  

In-Person Camp Options

In-Person Camp Highlights

Ages PreK & K through 9th Grade

Age & developmentally aligned curriculum

Our Flexible Pricing Model

Qualifying families can enroll in camp for as low as $25

DiF-ferent Way of Learning 

With our play-based content, kids learn without realizing it! They love our field trips, guest speakers, silly games, and hilarious exercises

Extended Care for Busy Families

coverage runs 8-5 p.m for 2nd-9th graders & 8-1pm for pre-k -1st

3 Unique Camps per Age Level 

Enroll in 1-3 weeks in our unique camp sessions: Thinkers, Speakers, and Listeners 

Cognitive & Social-Emotional Growth

Public speaking, perspective-taking, active listening, story telling, self-regulation, interpersonal dynamics, and more

Check Out Our Covid Plans & Policies Below

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