Our online learning platform starts with the DIF Introduction Class; this is the first class any online DIF student will take. We provide an introduction to our program by playing several games and activities and have a ton of fun.  After the introductory class, students can sign up for our Virtual Classrooms, Personalized Private Learning, or our Sampler Classes.  

We offer a 10am-11am (CT) section and a 4pm-5pm (CT) section for our Introduction Class. To reiterate, students must  complete the Introduction Class before signing up for any other program! 


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DIF Virtual Classroom

Our DIF Virtual Classroom covers 6 sessions over two weeks (each session is an hour). This program will build on itself; each class will expand on the previous class so students are encouraged to "attend" every session. Given the sequential nature, this program will run with the same teacher and student group for its entirety.

DIF Private Group Classes

Our DIF Private Group Classes are offered to a set of students who want to take programming together. The class will be closed to the public and will only include students from the particular group. We offer these in 2, 6, or 12 group classes, depending on group preference.

Personalized Learning Program

The PPL Program provides 10 one-on-one sessions (10 hours) between one student and one teacher. This program is entirely customized tutoring based on the needs of the individual child. Parents fill out a brief survey that highlights focus areas for the student and then Debate it Forward creates a custom curriculum to reinforce these skills in the best way for the particular student.

Learn More About our Core Skills Below!

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Public Speaking

Argument Generation







WHAT: We currently offer four different virtual classrooms with new content, activities, and skills.  Two VCs provide the foundation of debate by introducing our six skills with games and activities. The other two VCs use this foundational knowledge in both forensic applications, e.g. Mock Trial, and topical applications, e.g. learning about a specific topic through activities and then having a team debate.


WHEN: VCs run for two weeks. There are 6 classes throughout those two weeks on M/W/F at either 10am-11am (CT), 1pm-2pm (CT), 4-5 (CT), and 5:30-6:30 (CT). We start a new VC each week which a) allows us to keep adding new students and b) allows students to immediately start the next VC once they finish one.

COST: The tuition is $100 or $50 if your family is on free/reduced lunch. If $50 isn't doable for your family, we offer additional partial and full financial aid to ensure all students can participate.

AGES SERVED: The classrooms are broken down by grade level. We have programs starting at first grade and going through eighth grade. 


WHAT: We run private group classes for kids that want to take programming together but without other students. This is a great option for classmates or friend groups (especially now, who aren't able to spend time together) who would like to partake in programming but prefer the class to be closed to the general public. We can run these classes in 2, 6, or 10 sessions, dependent on group preference. 


WHEN: This depends on the group preference. We will match the group availability with our staff availability and are very flexible to the requested group times.

COST: The tuition is $15/student/session. That being said, even if there are fewer than 6 students, our base cost for a private group class is $90/session (even if there are only 3 or 4 studedents). If $15/session isn't doable for your family, we offer additional partial and full financial aid to ensure all students can participate.

AGES SERVED: We can run programming for kids aged 6-16. However, all students within the class must be within 3 grades of each other (in other words, we can't run a class with a second grader, a fifth grader, and a ninth grader).  


WHAT: We run individual sessions for one-on-one learning (or more if siblings partake). This is a great program for families that prefer private instruction time with a fully dedicated teacher. This program also enables the family to request a specific type of instruction or topic. Parents can request certain focus areas (e.g. public speaking) and we create a custom program to reinforce the skills to fit with the requested time slot. We run PPL classes in 10 sessions.


WHEN: This depends on family preference. We will match the requested time and date slots with our staff availability and are very flexible to the requested times.

COST: The tuition is a flat $500 or $300/student if more than one child is participating (in the case of siblings). 

AGES SERVED: We can run programming for kids aged 6-16.  

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