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Donate to Debate it Forward!

Your gift provides opportunity for all kids - especially those in low-income communities.

Thank you for investing in Debate it Forward and helping us make a DiF-ference.



We'd like to get to know you better!

What is your primary connection to DiF?

How Your Donation Makes a DiF-ference:

  • $180 allows a full scholarship student to attend summer camp

  • $500 supports an entire classroom in a low-income school for one semester

  • $2,500 covers 15 student scholarships for an entire summer camp session

  • $5,000 funds all programming at a low-income school for an entire year

Other Ways Your Donation Can Help :

  • More scholarships to children, families, and schools short on resources

  • Develop our social-emotional learning curriculum

  • Hire college teachers and interns to support our work

  • Create new curricula to enhance civil discourse, social justice, and how kids better think, speak, and listen … and much more!

  • Learning Goals
    The Debate It Forward Big 3 Skills focus on developing and improving our Listening, Thinking, and Speaking skills by building the following micro-skills into our curriculum. They include the following focal points: LISTENING: Active Listening, Perspective Taking, Empathy, and Cooperation & Compromise. THINKING: Research & Evidence, Logical Reasoning, Problem-Solving, Argument Generation, and Ethics SPEAKING: Confidence, Extemporaneous Speaking, and Public Speaking
  • Course Details
    Day One: Title Day Two: Title etc.
  • Example Activities
    Examples of activities
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