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Thank You for Supporting Debate it Forward!!!

Here are just a few ways you can help:

$100 - covers the scholarship cost for one student in our virtual classes

$500 - funds an entire virtual classroom in a low-income school for one semester

$1,000 - supports an entire virtual classroom in a low-income school for one year 

$5,000 - covers 15 student scholarships for an entire summer camp session 

$10,000 - funds all virtual programming at a low-income school for an entire year

Thank you for supporting our work at Debate it Forward! We have loads of ways to connect your resources and make a DiF-ference, especially if  you want to support children and schools in low-income communities. 

Your donations can also help us:

  • Provide more scholarships to children, families, and schools short on resources,

  • Develop our social-emotional learning curriculum, 

  • Hire college teachers and interns to support our work,

  • Create new curricula to enhance civil discourse, social justice, and how kids better think, speak, and listen … and much more!

Please let us know if you have ideas you’d like to discuss by emailing He can also help you if you’d like to give by check or other means. Most importantly, thank you in advance for investing in Debate it Forward!

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