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Grades 1 & 2

Raising Hands

Our Littles programs blend a heavy dose of play with ample opportunity to examine big topics through silly scenarios. Rather than strive to teach kids how to become debaters, we use play-based learning to cultivate the critical age-appropriate developmental skills like self-regulation and interpersonal dynamics. Your child will simply enjoy the games we’re playing together in our inclusive environments, but you’ll begin to recognize much more. You’ll notice your kiddo grow in self-awareness and self-control, and you’ll see big changes in how we listen carefully, think critically, and express our thoughts with friends that do or do not share our beliefs.


Your child will learn about the importance of empathy and perspective-taking through role-playing classes like “Walk in My Shoes.” Or perhaps we just want to get more comfortable speaking in front of others through a “Tell A Story” class. Or maybe you want to expose your kiddo to the variety of skills we teach through play with one of our Multi-Week programs. Either way, we have a class for you. 


While all our Littles classes are Virtual (for now!), our teachers are phenomenal at helping kids stay focused while having fun. We’ll take tons of Wiggle Breaks to keep us moving, and we’ll prove that Zoom time can actually be enjoyable. At Debate it Forward, we adamantly believe that it’s never too early to ‘learn how to learn,’ and we’d love to have the chance to work and play with your little sweetie.

One Hour

Class Duration

Once or Twice  

Per Week

6 to 8

Friends per Class

Upcoming Littles Classes
If Pricing is a Concern...

Here are two ways to meet you where you are!

The DiF-Ferral Program

You tell a friend about DIF, and let them know you’ll both get a discount if they sign up. When they insert your name on our registration form, we’ll issue you both a discount. And the more people that reference you, the more you save:

  • Refer 1-3 Friends - You'll get a 50% discount and your referrals will each receive a 20% discount.

  • Refer 4+ Friends - You'll get a 100% (full) discount and your referrals will each receive a 20% discount.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing Deposit - Our Flexible Pricing program allows parents who have difficulty paying full price to pay what they can. This Deposit option allows you to make a small down payment to secure your child’s spot in your selected DiF program. We’ll then follow up with you to discuss your need, validate it, and then work out what you’re able to pay. 

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