"Intern"-al Reflections

DIF's summer team abandons their responsibilities by finally completing an escape room.

When you accept an internship offer, a thought rolls in: "Will this actually be something worthwhile?" You can imagine the two extremes. Either you do menial tasks for an organization that would take on dogs if they knew how to file documents, or you suffer the entire responsibilities of the company as the bosses show nothing close to engagement. No matter which scenario you (sadly) receive, you will not gain anything substantive from it.

So, when I interviewed for Debate it Forward for the summer, I had these thoughts running through my mind. You could probably imagine my worries when Josh emailed me to set up an interview on the same day at Dollop. Rather than focus on my already-hurting grade in Math Methods for Physics, I decided to skip an easy quiz to go into the interview. I rushed to North Campus after getting my hair cut. After an interesting interview (which included talks on marketing, “broken” clocks, and Kanye West) and case study, I got the job. So, I have to say that these past ten weeks have been nothing short of, well, substantive.

Maybe it was my being a former debater that brought the joy into the job. Maybe it was the creative independence I received for my projects. Maybe it was the community walks to clear our heads. Maybe it was the two escape rooms we attempted. Whatever it was, the summer has flown by and with it, experiences I will treasure. Working as a marketing intern this summer was something in which I take full pride; my work over these ten weeks has been engaging and critical to DIF’s success. In my time here, I’ve made their new logo, redesigned their website and blog, and crafted their marketing plan that they’ll use in future endeavors. None of my work has been throwaways. If I was working on something, it had a greater purpose. That’s the thing; I’ve always been someone who’s disappointed in the mundane and enjoys an external reward for my accomplishments, even if it’s just seeing the project in action. Slightly narcissistic as it may be, this quasi-philosophy drives me to perform with all my gusto. There’s been times where I have butted heads with Leah over how a task should be approached, but the beauty of the internship lies therein. It’s never been a “my way or the highway” job, which I think shows how much Leah and Josh appreciate us interns. After all, the two are only a few years older than me! They’re bound to understand our approaches in our work.

At the end of my time here at DIF, it’s bittersweet. While I’ll always love less work in the summer, I know something will feel amiss when my mornings don’t start with a calming bike ride to Polsky North, walking up the stairs, and seeing my team ready to start our day. Whether or not I return to DIF, I want to give thanks to Leah and Josh for hiring me. Seriously, this was awesome and I have nothing but love for you two.

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