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Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Hope you've had a great summer, full of fun and leisure! With all of our new developments, we want everyone in the DIF family to be up to date with all the ups and downs (spoiler alert--almost all ups right now) that go along with starting a venture. After all, what kind of organization would we be if we left you in the dark about our happenings (Hint: a bad one)? So, I am pleased to welcome you to Debate it Forward's brand-new blog!  As we march towards our third year, we're extremely proud of our accomplishments thus far. This past year, we hosted around 8,700 hours of student programming that included over 600 students from 37 schools. Not too bad for an organization whose staff was entirely made up of undergrads until a month ago! This summer has been a whirlwind of exciting events; there's way too many to explain them all but some key highlights: we've laid the groundwork for our first college expansion (DePaul University, see you in a month!), created a new marketing strategy (hello blog), and completely redid the curriculum. We're so grateful to everyone who helped us along the way, from our interns to our generous donors.  I'll make another post once our summer comes to a close to give thanks to each person.  In this blog, you'll see posts from individuals in the DIF family, ranging from the executive team to our college staff to DIF parents! Our first board, DIF Evolution, will tell you all about recent developments on our end. Debate This! will be a board that highlights questions and debates pertinent to current events. Please join in on these discussions as we believe that discourse leads to a more well-rounded population. The board Lessons From the Classroom will showcase fun anecdotes and thoughtful concepts we gain from observing the students in programming. Finally, What to Teach will be a board that discusses teaching plans and materials and ways to apply them. Be on the lookout for some activities we will make public through our Teachers Pay Teacher store. Josh and I will be leading some posts, but our staff and teachers will also be featured with their own perspectives. Overall, Debate it Forward has a lot coming down the pipeline and our blog will be a great forum to let you know about it firsthand. We encourage you all to take a look and let us know your thoughts; like I said, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of discourse to change our perceptions, our dialogues, and our vision. Thanks so much! Leah Shapiro, CEO

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