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Private Tutor

One-on-One Learning for Any Age

Is your child shy and needs some one-on-one encouragement to build self-confidence? Does your kiddo want to become a better logician and learn how to apply critical thinking to their classwork? Or are your uncertain what you’re looking for, but want to see how Debate It Forward might help? 


Our college-aged instructors can also support your child’s individual learning needs in multiple ways, and we’ll work with you to design a mini-curriculum to meet the goals you have for your child.

Prices start at $50/hr and we’ll mutually agree on days per week and duration. Just click on the Next Steps and we’ll work something out!

Personalized Learning

We’ll tailor our DIF curriculum for your child or small group. Which do you prefer?

Tutoring a Student
Private Group

Customized Group Learning

Does your child want to have more time with friends, but you want something more than video games or social media? Do you have a learning pod or want to build one, but need someone to takeover for a few hours?


We’ve developed our model around bringing groups of kids together with our college-aged instructors, and we can do so for you and your group. Let us know what you’re thinking, and we’ll adapt our existing materials to your group’s needs or possibly co-create something that you want to try.

Prices start at $25/hr for each student assuming a six person group. Let us know if your group is smaller and we’ll adjust this a bit. Click on Next Steps and we’ll contact you to kick around days per week and duration.

Pricing and Sign Up
Next Steps

Just share your name and email and we’ll contact you to chat.

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