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Our Winter Tots programs cover all the skills we aim to develop in young learners: perspective-taking, ethics, argument generation, public speaking, and active listening. Through fun and silly games we’ll use play-based learning to also teach creativity and collaborating with our friends. Our latest game, “What Just Happened?!” will challenge your little to look at pictures of wild facial expressions and collectively develop a funny backstory to explain why that person felt that way. We’ll teach how and when to use indoor and outdoor voices in storytelling, and we’ll establish important foundations for building empathy. We’ll focus on reading and understanding emotions while developing thoughtful ways to deliver compassion. Our Multi-Week Winter is a great way to consistently build new skills for your kiddo, while they think they’re just having fun on Zoom (it’s like a covert way of encouraging our kids to eat their veggies!). 


Our DiF Multi-Week programs are a great way to expose your kids to more children, new ideas, and have a blast in the process. And the best part - you’ll notice the DiF-ference we make together.

VIRTUAL Winter Multi-Week

  • From January 3 to March 11

    • Mondays 5pm-5:30pm CST
    • Wednesdays 3pm-3:30pm CST
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