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The Biggles Winter program will address all the skills we aim to develop in young learners: perspective-taking, ethics, argument generation, public speaking, and basic research.  These games will help kids use ethical thinking for both argumentation and solving tricky ethical dilemmas. We’ll also teach them how to differentiate between reliable and unreliable research, and how to approach different research questions. To put these skills into practice, for example, we’ll play a game called “Creative Constitution,” where students pretend they’re founding their own country and need to create a set of laws that reflect their values. They’ll then debate their positions with other teams to collectively develop the best, Creative Constitution. In addition to addressing fictional scenarios, our Biggles will practice taking a stand on issues they believe in and engaging in real-world advocacy. They’ll work together to develop creative campaigns to raise awareness and drive change. 


Our DiF Multi-Week programs are a great way to expose your kids to more children, new ideas, and have a blast in the process. And the best part - you’ll notice the DiF-ference we make together.


VIRTUAL Winter Multi-Week

  • From January 3 to March 11

    • Tues & Thurs 4pm-4:55pm CDT  
    • Mon 7pm-7:55pm CDT
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