A fun, week-long program that includes daily field trips. skill-building activities, and formal debates.

DIF holds in-school classes that teach the fundamentals of debate. Students receive teaching that is both comprehensive and engaging.

A 10-week after-school program, our extracurricular classes develop core debate and life skills

 We offer private tutoring with personalized curricula. The intimate setting allows for individual attention and a specific growth plan.






At Debate it Forward’s summer programs, we integrate the fun of summer camp, the adventure of exploring Chicago, and the rigor of an academic program into one cohesive and exciting week. Each day, the students embark on field trips around Chicago where they do research into the debate topic of the day. After lunch, students utilize their research in skill-building activities and formal debates.


Debate it Forward hosts school enrichment classes that focus on the core tenets of debate. We utilize Common Core and our formal Debate Standards as a basis for our curricula and incorporate a modular format to ensure our students get the best from each class.


Operating in 10-week cycles, Debate it Forward runs hour-long extracurricular classes where we run a series of units, ranging from experiential debate (the camp model), to Model UN, to Mock Trial and more! The course structure adapts to the age and cognitive diversity of our students.


If you're interested in Debate it Forward programming but don't attend one of our partner schools, we offer personalized tutoring suited to meet every child's needs. Using one-on-one sessions with one of our top teachers, DIF creates specific curricula for your child.

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